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If you would like to reclaim Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) in Glasgow, contact out sister company: PPI Glasgow.

Making a claim for PPI compensation

You can make a claim for payment protection insurance (PPI) – or any other financial product you feel you have been mis-sold – yourself. There is also another way to do this; you can use the services of a claims management company.

But, there is a lot of negativity around using claims management companies and we, PPI Scotland, just want to put our side of the story.

Why use a complaint management company?

There are many reasons why you could turn to a claims management company (CMC) like PPI Scotland. Here we have listed the main reasons why people have chosen to use our service:

  • Confidence – many people we help simply do not have to confidence to ‘take on’, as they see it, the big banks and lenders. Frequently, these consumers also have a high level of debt and their dealings with mainstream banks tend to be on a negative footing. For this reason, they prefer to use a professional company like ourselves.
  • Not sure why they were mis-sold PPI – many customers who contact us know all about PPI, why it was mis-sold and how to make a claim. They also know they have PPI on their account but are not sure why they mis-sold it. Don’t forget that to claim back PPI you need to prove you were mis-sold the policy in the first place! Writing a letter to your bank saying you were mis-sold PPI, will not get you your money back. We can write both an authoritative and detailed letter of complaint on your behalf.
  • Time – many people who have used our service because they simply do not have the time to not only start the process but keep chasing the companies or banks involved. Likewise, if the original loan or credit card provider has been subsumed into another (such as Egg, which no longer exists as Egg), then research needs to be completed to find out who PPI compensation complaints are now submitted to. Similarly, each PPI claim needs a separate letter which if you work full time or long hours, can be time consuming.

Things you need to know BEFORE you engage the services of a claims management company

  • There are less scrupulous companies who market themselves aggressively and claim to know immediately how much you are owed in PPI compensation. Companies employing these types of tactics are best left alone. No one can possibly know how much you are owed until they have heard the details of your case.
  • Avoid claim management companies who insist on upfront payments or deposits. Many CMCs offer their services on a no win, no fee basis or through the application of a fee on the final settlement amount you win. This can range from 15 to 25% and no quality claims management company will hide their fee structure from you. PPI Scotland charges one fee – 25% of the total settlement amount (the amount of PPI compensation you win) and this fee will not change, even if we take your case to the Financial Ombudsman Service (FSO) on your behalf.
  • Avoid claims management companies that offer guaranteed success, as there is no such thing when it comes to claiming back PPI compensation

Here at Payment Protection Scotland, we offer a high quality claims management service for all customers from across Scotland. We offer free, impartial advice and, on contacting us, you are under no obligation to continue with any PPI claim with us.

Contact Us to Make a PPI Claim in Glasgow

Please contact us today for more information on any aspect relating to Payment Protection Insurance (PPI). We are happy to provide information on all aspects of PPI and the claims process.

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