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What is the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS) and how they can help you?

The Financial Services Ombudsman – abbreviated to FSO – is a free, impartial and independent advice service to help people who are in dispute or have a complaint against any UK financial institution. They act as a mediator between you, the customer and your bank or lender.

This is the reason why FSO is involved with the PPI scandal.

When will FOS be involved with my PPI complaint?

They may not need to be! When you submit a complaint to your bank or lender – whether Payment Protection Scotland do that on your behalf or not – the bank has a certain length of time by which they need to respond.

Many cases are straight forward with banks offering compensation for mis-selling of PPI, which the customer accepts.

On occasion, a bank or lender rejects the claim by the customer they were mis-sold PPI. The customer can do one of two things at this point:

  • Accept the decision and do no more about it
  • Challenge the decision by submitting a complaint to FSO

Will Payment Protection Scotland help me to submit my complaint to FSO?

Yes we will and the good news is, this will not cost you anymore! If we believe that your complaint has been unfairly rejected, then we will take your case to FSO if you instruct us to do so. In the first half of 2010, the FOS upheld 7 out of 10 complaints in favour of the customer. In other words, they were ordering the banks and lenders to compensate customers in the majority of cases that were submitted to them.

When will I know if my complaint was successful?

Unfortunately, the FSO are dealing with a staggeringly high number of complaints from customers regarding the mis-selling of PPI and currently, as of May 2013, complaints to FSO are taking approximately 12 months to resolve. They deal with cases in chronological order (the order in which they arrive) unless you can prove there are extenuating financial hardship which means they must deal with it sooner.

Will I need to use FOS if I use Payment Protection Scotland?

We endeavour to help all our customers have their PPI complaints resolved successfully with their bank or lender. As one of the leading complaints management companies specialising in PPI claims, we have an enviable reputation for being thorough and professional in our submission of evidence and complaints on behalf of our customers. Although we have a high success rate, we cannot guarantee that your complaint will be resolved successfully in the first instance.

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