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Payment Protection Scotland stopped taking new PPI Claims on the 16th of July 2019.

This was a result of the high number of claims that were received in the run up to the PPI Deadline on the 29th of August 2019.

Please contact us via the normal channels to discuss existing claims.

Payment Protection Scotland - PPI Advice & Information

This website is dedicated to providing simple impartial PPI Advice and PPI Information about Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) in Scotland.

The website is provided by Payment Protection Scotland - a Scotland wide PPI reclaim company. The company believes in transparency and and giving people the full facts about PPI. The company acts in the best interest of clients against the banks who may have mis-sold them PPI.

Although provided by the above company, the aim of the site is to provide information. The company took the view that there was a need to provide a simple site to provide information and advice on reclaiming PPI.

PPI Scotland

The main areas covered by the site at this moment include:

Contact Us

Please contact us today for more information and advice on any aspect relating to Payment Protection Insurance (PPI). We are happy to provide information and advice on all aspects of PPI in Scotland and the PPI Claims Scotland process.

All advice and information is free. All our staff provide no obligation consultancy - no hard sell tactics are used at any time.

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